Montreal House

102, (Letter U) Velyka Vasylkivska Str., 83, Antonovycha Str., Kyiv IV quarter of 2024


Palats Ukraina

car5 minman10 min


car5 minman10 min

Business class


1 building, 5 sections


Number of floors: 11-12, 16-17, 20

The Montreal House business-class residential complex is a harmonious combination of perfect forms, laconic details and natural materials. It is an ideal space for a rhythmic life and restorative rest in the heart of the capital.

Montreal is considered to be one of the most comfortable cities on the planet for a good reason. It is called the cultural capital of Canada and the city of design, so it is no coincidence that this metropolis was chosen by the authors of the Montreal House project as a source of inspiration.

The five-section building with cascading floors will form a harmonious architectural ensemble filled with high-quality infrastructure and a wide range of facilities — from a two-level underground parking area to a public space with a library and a conference hall.



Montreal House is being built in the very heart of the bustling cultural and business life of the capital. It is closely located to the sights of Kyiv, creative spaces, the best shopping malls, galleries, theatres, and restaurants. The St. Mykolai Church, the Kyiv Planetarium, the National Operetta Theatre, as well as a number of museums, parks and squares are within walking distance from here.



The Montreal House architectural aesthetics is a successful embodiment of the multicultural and well-thought-out atmosphere of a Canadian city in the very center of Kyiv. The forms of the building combine dynamics and comfort, while the natural stone used to decorate the façade makes the building harmoniously fit into the urban landscape.



The 24-hour concierge service available for the Montreal House residents will handle any household tasks or personal errands. Private two-level underground parking space will be equipped with the latest video surveillance, fire safety and gas control systems. For the smallest residents, there will be a kindergarten.



The Montreal House lobby is represented by a grand entrance with a 9 m high ceiling. A luxurious lobby like this with conceptual design and public space has not been created in any capital residential project so far. Terraced buildings, exploited roofs, an inner garden for relaxation — everything for living in harmony with yourself and the world!

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