Krona Park II

8A, Chornovola Str., Brovary town Last phase in the II quarter of 2025



car15 minman40 min

Business class


15 buildings


Number of floors: 8-10, 12-14, 17

The Krona Park II business-class residential complex in cosy suburbs of the capital is the best investment in a happy and healthy future for your family. 8 out of 10 buildings of the residential complex project are in progress. In July 2022, two buildings of the residential complex were commissioned, with postal addresses being assigned. In May 2023, two more houses, No. 6 and No. 7, received a certificate of commissioning.

Krona Park II was the continuation of the legendary Krona Park project, which our customers liked so much that we decided to create its new, improved version. And it is not surprising, since there is nothing better than living next to a park and a coniferous forest and having a convenient traffic connection with the capital at the same time.

Living in Krona Park II is a guarantee of your peace and steady pace of life in one of the greenest suburbs of the capital, a guarantee of comfortable daily life in the lively central area of ​​Brovary town. Being well-located, it is equally convenient to live here, relax and handle everyday household issues.



Krona Park II is being built in the developed central area of Brovary town. Next to the residential complex, there is an entertainment and shopping centre with a large chain supermarket, coffee shops, stores and services located on the first floors of the inhabited residential complex Lisovyi Kvartal. Kazka kindergarten provides its services for the youngest residents.



The second “season” of the Krona Park residential complex will have original architecture with cascading floors of buildings. A well-thought-out apartment layout will allow you to choose convenient layouts for the implementation of any design solutions. The use of natural colors and materials in the façade's decoration will make the complex harmoniously fit into the canvas of the town.



Krona Park II will have a complete internal infrastructure that will satisfy the needs of all residents of the complex — both adults and children. Stores, coffee shops, pharmacies, children's studios and other facilities will be available in commercial spaces on the first floors. And for the comfortable storage of personal vehicles, there will be a ground multi-level parking area.



The safe territory of the Krona Park II project will become a full-fledged public space with various options and opportunities. Thanks to the well-thought-out concept of commercial and social facilities zoning, it will be comfortable to live here, rest, study, do shopping, etc. Combining a comfortable life with an efficient daily routine is possible if you live in Krona Park II!

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