Krona Park

30, Symonenka Str., Brovary town


Krona Park is a residential complex in the green suburbs of Kyiv. Two buildings with different numbers of floors (11 and 16 floors) were carefully built right in pine lands. The responsible attitude of the developer to the green spaces and the desire to preserve the atmosphere of the primeval forest enabled the residents to enjoy interaction with nature every day.

Krona Park was built with the use of monolithic frame technology, while ceramic red bricks were chosen as the main material for the exterior walls. The façade was insulated with mineral wool slabs and beautified with decorative mineral plaster.

The residential complex has its own full-fledged infrastructure. Commercial premises with a wide range of services are located on the first floors of the buildings. The building territory consists of a rest area, playgrounds for children, and parking spaces. There is also a spacious ground parking area.