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Alliance Novobud is a progressive formation, reliable developer. We have been working in the construction market of Kyiv and the region for over 18 years. We design and build meaningful spaces for life, leisure time, and self-realization.

Today, Alliance Novobud is a progressive player in the metropolitan market of business class objects and a recognized leader in the segment of modernization and development of the Kyiv agglomeration cities.
840ths. m²
in the project
12 ths.
happy families
and investors
buildings and parking lots
500+ ths. m²
450+ ths. m²
areas in


All Alliance Novobud projects are building
masterpieces, the best illustrations
of comfort+ and business-class
urban and suburban living spaces.

The key to our success is a building process based
on innovative technologies, spacious residential areas
with landscaping and recreation areas and
social infrastructure for a comfortable life.

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Alliance Novobud is a reliable developer of progressive formation.

As of today, the developer is developing five diverse projects — three in Brovary and two in Kyiv.

Alliance Novobud is the leader in new buildings in Brovary: here it has created a whole new district in which 10,000 families live. In addition to residential complexes, the developer built a kindergarten and arranged a park. On the first floors of the buildings there is a multifaceted commerce for the convenience of the residents. Thanks to Alliance Novobud, Brovary received a large amount of high-quality housing stock with high-quality infrastructure. The Brovary developer not only builds high-quality housing, but also gives impetus to the development of small businesses, because it builds a large number of high-quality commercial premises. Two-level apartments, apartments with terraces, etc. are also offered here.

Today, you can buy an apartment in Brovary:

  • under conditions of full payment,
  • in installments from the developer,
  • under the "eOselya" program.

By choosing full payment, the buyer can count on discounts. If you decide to buy an apartment in installments from the developer, then get ready to make the down payment. Depending on the conditions, it can range from 10% to 50%.

eOselya apartments are issued at 3% or 7% per annum after submitting an application to Diya. The loan is provided by banks-partners of the program.

All three housing complexes in Brovary from Alliance Novobud (Lavandovyi, Madison Gardens and Krona Park II) participate in the program. Alliance Novobud decorates Kyiv with two atmospheric objects — the Montreal House project in the capital's business center and the Illinsky House clubhouse in Podil. These projects differ in architecture and concept, but also have common features: reliable construction technology (monolithic-frame), convenient layout of apartments, one-room apartments, two-room apartments, three-room apartments with large open or glazed balconies, with terraces, and most importantly, with amazing views to the city and the Dnipro.

You can buy an apartment in Kyiv by taking advantage of various offers from the developer. Discounts in case of full payment, flexible rescheduling conditions and other seasonal and special offers are available to customers.

Sales departments located in Brovary and Kyiv will help you choose and buy an apartment from the developer Alliance Novobud. Our experts will help you choose the best real estate from the developer, offer favorable and convenient purchase conditions, and, if possible, conduct a construction tour.